Monday, May 6, 2013

some inclass drawing 2 stuff

Some Drawing 2 Stuff

stick and ink through high up building 

 haha selfie with conte

ink wash

Final project (my personal favorite)
cut paper, black white and sienna conte, ink wash

more bad gurl selfie ink wash

babes ink wash

selfie cut paper, conte

 Pointlism experiement. Portrait of Robbie Burnz
All of my color foundations finals together! Trippy fun

Thursday, December 6, 2012


For this last project, we were to come up with a short story and illustrate it with our newly discovered photoshop and illustrator powers. After printing out my three images and short story into book form i thought how much nicer it would look if there were more images throughout the book. So I added one more illustrated image, and a few little images to scatter throughout the book as well. Here are the new images. Hopefully now the short story will have a nicer children's book type of flow, holding the reader in longer with more imagery. The cover of the book is now the image of Frida and the Pack, since it makes more sense with the title of the story. I had so much fun doing this project, and look forward it to showing my mom who has a real twisted sense of humor.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Final Project

I changed the the characters of the short story, but stayed with the same idea of demoralization. It progresses through Frida the gerbil's story of spiral into immortality ultimately leading to disownment, and murder. The sketches above are beside the final design. (As you can see in the last image I chose to illustrate her leaving home, and not the murder scene)

Frida and The RAT PACK
                     Langley Osborn

         If one were to ever ask Willow, the miniature sandy colored field Mouse when the happiest day of her life was, she'd always eagerly reply "The day I found Frida" then she'd pause and chuckle, "Or perhaps the day she found me!" Frida was a domesticated pet gerbil that broke free from her cage when she was a young rodent, and wandered hopeless and lost in the natural world for days until she came upon the tiny Willow and asked for a scrap of food. Willow was so entranced by the strange creature and, never having children of her own, took the baby Frida in, raising her with as much nurture and love as any real mother would with their own child. Because Frida was of a species not native to the part of the world she found herself in, the other critters of the village had a hard time accepting her, especially the the field mice, because she was just different enough. Frida always felt like the odd girl out, even after she later befriended with Gwendolyn the Finch, and Horace the Toad. The three pals would study together after school, and on the weekends they would play in the flower garden down the hill, just close enough to their homes that their parents could keep an eye on them if they looked from the back porch.
Willow was pleased with Frida's choice of friends, and approved of their good manners and behavior, however Frida always felt like there was so much more for her.
         At recess Frida was swoon over "The Rat Pack", a girl gang of rats that lurked together, polluting the harmony of other critters. She would watch how hip they looked with their big hair, and long red nails, secretly smoking their cigarettes behind the trash bins. But being a gerbil Frida was much too large for mice, and believed she identified best with the rats. All the mice stuck their noses up at the rat race though, calling them a disgrace to rodents because of their sneaky, dirty history. Willow was no exception to this belief, and always warned Frida to not get involved with rats of any kind. 
"Can you believe how incredibly dynamite they are?" Frida asked Horace and Gwendolyn for the hundredth time. 
"We get it, you think they're the 'coolest critters at school', and would give ANYTHING to 'hang' with them." Horace the Toad said rolling his large shiny eyes. 
"But they are! And I would give anything- I mean, check out their leather!"
"If you think they're so stellar why don't you hang with them instead of us?" Gwendolyn the Finch chirped with an honest point. Frida had always gawked over the group of groovy Rats but had always been too chicken to address them; she was outgrowing her boring friends anyway, and beginning to accept how cool she really was.
Frida mustered up enough courage to address the grungy group of rodents, and approached the leader named, Blade Scabbers, the most stylish and “badass” of the group. 
"'Sup?" Frida stated casually, to warm the crew up. 
Blade Scabbers looked Frida up and down, and in a very Bronx accent asked through her thick red lipstick, "Aye, wudda ya supposed to be? Some sortta bigass mouse?" Blade Scabbers beamed a smug smile as her rat pack reared up with sneaky squeaky laughter behind her, their gaudy jewelry noisily jangling about.
"Actually my species is totally unrelated to rodents in this region. I'm a breed of rodent that originates from the other side of the world, and some actually refer to me as a Desert RAT." Frida proudly corrected. The group was charmed by Frida's intelligence and exotic appearance, and with Blade Scabbers' approval, easily accepted her into their pack. Frida took drags from their lipstick stained cigarettes and felt like she was on top of the world.
After school Frida walked home reminiscing about her exciting day, when her daydreaming was interrupted by the Rat Pack themselves. Frida contained her eager readiness with another cool, "'Sup." The group gave a nod of approval before Blade Scabbers proposed their next ratpack plan which involved stealing the fresh baked pie Horace the Toad's mother had just set by the window to cool. 
"We want to initiate you into the pack," Blade Scabbers began, "So you're going to have to be the one to snag it."
"But that's Horace's house! He's my friend, I can't do that to his mother" Frida protested.
"Do you wanna hang with us, or not?" Was the only response that the Pack gave, and Frida felt she had no other choice. When the coast was clear Frida swiped the warm cherry pie and headed to the ditch where the others waited.
When she arrived with the stolen treat the group cheered and praised Frida, who felt her level of hip-ness rise. She stood back and watched the mangy group break the golden surface of the carefully prepared pie, pulling the juicy, drippy innards out in chunks with their dirty manicured paws. The group, now covered in thick, shiny cherry remains devoured the pie in what seemed seconds, and knew in her heart that this is where she belonged.
The Rat Pack walked with Frida to her house, on the way making plans of more initiation that would be done in order for her to be fully accepted into the crew, this made Frida absolutely delighted. 

That evening at dinner Willow told Frida that she'd seen her hanging around those rats.
"So what?" Frida answered with sass, a response Blade Scabbers often used.
"Watch your tone young lady," Willow calmly warned, "You know how I feel about that breed of rodents, I have told you not to hang around with that crowd."
"Oh mother please! You're just ignorant, you don't even know them." Frida protested.
Willow was taken back; her sweet daughter had never been disrespectful to her. "You don't speak to me that way, I'm your mother and I'm only protecting you."
Frida rolled her eyes, what did her mother know? She didn't have a groovy bone in her body.

At school the next day Frida ignored Horace the Toad and Gwendolyn the Finch almost the whole day. She felt bad for not acknowledging them, but knew she had outgrown their meek boring ways. At recess she chilled by the dumpsters with the pack who painted their nails, complained about "The Man", Frida had no idea who this man was, but she agreed with a cucumber cool demeanor as she puffed on cigarettes. Frida was ready for her next mission of initiation, but also weary of when and what it might ensue. "Meet us at the ditch at 10:00 sharp tonight, and bring your pathetic friend Gwendolyn the Finch." Blade Scabbers commanded. Frida had a gut feeling that something awful might happen to her poor nervous friend Gwendolyn, but wanting to be accepted so badly, she reluctantly agreed.

Frida made sure her mother was asleep before she snuck out her window that evening, and headed to Gwendolyn the Finch's home. She tapped on her old friend's bedroom window with her newly red painted nails, and told her she wanted to go for a walk. Gwendolyn was weary with this proposal, but with a little hoaxing from the now manipulative Frida, she nervously agreed.
The two walked in the direction of the ditch, "I don't know about this Frida," Gwendolyn began, "You know how our mothers feel about us being out late at night, it's dangerous out here" the yellow finch stated quietly looking about for nocturnal predators.
"Oh don't be such a baby" Frida replied, trying to sound like Blade Scabbers.

The two arrived to the ditch where the pack waited, their matted coats and ridiculously teased hair illuminated by the pale moonlight. Gwendolyn stiffened with fear, she was not fond of the rats, and knew they were not fond of her either. The group gathered around the tiny bird and began to taunt her.
"Look at her silly clothes, what a dweeb!" The rats called out towering above the frail bird.
"Please, I just want to go home," Gwendolyn wined meekishly.
"You're pathetic you stupid bird" Blade Scabbers teased, "Without your stupid feathers, you're nothing" The group squeaked with devilish laughter.
"Let's find out what you're worth" and with one swift motion of her grubby rat paw Blade Scabbers plucked a yellow feather from Gwendolyn's wing
Gwendolyn cried out in pain, and the others began to pluck at her as well. The tiny finch fluttered about looking for an escape from the looming beasts, but was overpowered by their large bodies, and sharp claws. Frida watched silently from the shadows as her friend's feathers were plucked from her flesh.
Gwendolyn began to weep, giving up on her fight to escape the bullies who reared with laughter. Blade Scabbers gave the helpless finch a hearty kick telling her to "get lost". 
The group smiled at the emotionless Frida who escorted the heart-broken bird home. The raw pink skin showed through the once full coat of the frail little bird.
"How dare you!" The little finch chirped, "How dare you!" She chirped again, tears running down her face. Frida held back all emotions, it had to be done, she had to be accepted.
"You're the worst friend I've ever had!" Gwendolyn chirped louder.
"Keep your voice down."  Frida warned, fearing the danger of the night.
"You didn't even try to stop them!"  Gwendolyn sang at the top of her tiny lungs.
"Shut-up!" Frida whispered, looking over her shoulder, growing frustrated
"How dare --" Before Gwendolyn could even finish her sentence, a large owl swept down from the stars and snatched the yellow bird before disappearing back into the night sky.

The next day Frida pretending like nothing had happened, trying to make herself feel alright with the terrible crime she had been involved in. She tried to be friendly with Horace the Toad to make herself feel better. "Don't you talk to me." The toad said, "Gwendolyn is missing, and I know, somehow, you're related to this tragedy." He stated before hopping away from the offended gerbil. 
Willow sensed Frida was up to no good as well, and confronted her daughter with the issue. "I'm worried about you." The tiny mouse said over a hot cup of tea. Frida rolled her eyes knowing what was about to happen.” You hang around with that gang of rats, and they're nothing but trouble."
"They're not a gang mother!"
"Whatever they are, you know I don't approve! You continue to be disobedient, and sneak around behind my back, and you’re even beginning to style your hair as they do! There are rumors that you have to do with Gwendolyn the Finch's disappearance." Willow squeaked with authority
Frida protested and fought back at her mother. The two argued for a good while, something that had never become a common past time until the more recent weeks. The fight ended with Willow sending Frida to her room, grounding her for the next month. Frida hated her punishment, and hated her mother more.
Frida snuck out her window that evening to meet up with the Pack at the ditch. She told her new friends how unfair and awful her mother was, and the group agreed she was the absolute worst.
The next night Frida had to stick to her awful punishment and spent a very boring evening with her very boring mother. When her mother left to draw a bath, there was a knock at the door. Frida was delighted to see her Rat pack friends at her stoop to rescue her. 
"We've decided that your mother is weak, and a problem,” Blade Scabbers said with a smile as the pack happily wrung their clawed paws behind her. "We're here to watch you kill your mother, so you don't have to answer to anyone anymore." 
Frida felt her heart stop for a moment. Kill her mother? Hating her was one thing, but murdering her was absolutely unacceptable. 
"Nobody touches Willow." Frida squeaked
"Get out of my way, I'll do it for you" Blade Scabbers commanded pushing past Frida, whose blood began to boil.
"No, means NO, Blade Scabbers." Frida stated loudly, standing her ground. The Rat Pack gasped at the idea that anyone would ever say no to Blade Scabbers herself. 
"What did you just say to ME? No?" The leader said narrowing her overly made-up glassy doll eyes at the protective Frida. The Pack was electric with excitement. 
"fight… fight... fight..." they quietly chanted.
"You've already caused one person I loved, to die, and I won't let it happen again." Frida said with strength, realizing the error of her ways as the words left her.
"Fight… Fight… Fight…" The pack grew louder.
"Are you challenging me?" The not so bright Blade Scabbers said darkly.
"Fight! Fight! Fight!" The pack snarled
"No, I don't want to have to fight you, but I am willing to protect my mother." Frida said fully aware of her gerbil powers. But before any real discussion could take place, Blade Scabbers lunged toward Frida's throat. The swift gerbil dodged the menacing rat who sliced her with a long red nail across the face. Frida felt the blood well up from the cut, but didn't care, she'd seen red, and there was no turning back. Frida whipped around and attacked the large rat. Holding her down she bit deep into the thin flesh of Blade Scabbers' throat, tasting the hot blood seep through her rodent lips. The large rat screamed for help, but only blood bubbled from her mouth. Frida kept her jaw tightly hinged as she pulled a portion of meat from Blade Scabber's throat pushing her motionless head back with her paw, listening for the satisfying muffled "snap" of the rat's neck. Frida stepped back, dropping the body of Blade Scabbers who she'd once admired so much. The Rat Pack couldn't tell the difference between the blood from Frida's eye, and the murderous blood of Blade Scabbers, so they ran away in terror.
Frida turned to see her sweet mother in the shadows watching her corrupt daughter covered in thick deep blood.  Her mother, terrified, had seen the whole thing.
"I. I saved you mother.." Frida said hoarsely mustering up a forced smile.
"No, you saved no one. All your actions, all your disobedience THAT was the cause of this horrific event. You were once my daughter, but not anymore. Leave. Leave me, and this community and never, ever return." The tiny mouse commanded with fear in her voice, still staying in the shadows. Frida was so horrified and ashamed of her actions that she finally obeyed her mother and left as quickly as she could. The gerbil traveled far away to the Valley, where she would wander alone for the rest of her days, forever haunted of her actions by the nasty scar across her now blind eye.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


In this DEALERS CHOICE project i wanted to illustrate a BAD BITCH. So naturally a gun, badgurl pose, and a nice classy crotch grab seemed like the best option. My goal was to portray the fear 
and uncomfortable feelings felt when in the presence of a badass.

The first image is my sketch, the last in my final, and the middle image is a combined work of the two. (The middle image was manipulated a little in photoshop, but i thought it was worth sharing)


wesley Burt, and his extremely stylized and realisticcharacters, and the badass feel they give off. These are some hard lookin' ladies, and their stance says it too. However, their clothes could use a little help. So for the influence of clothes, I used catwoman's leather suit, and stylized body type as a reference from Batman Noel.